5 Beauty Mistakes that I won’t repeat

FIMELAGirl.com asked me what are the 5 beauty mistakes that I won’t repeat! It was fun answering the questions because if I remember the mistakes, it would literally make me laugh… So what are your beauty mistakes?

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2 thoughts on “5 Beauty Mistakes that I won’t repeat

  1. I really love ur hair color there in the pic,
    warna rambutnya apa sih exactly?
    i recently hv bn thinking about having my hair a total make over, rambutku blom prnah diwarnain sebelumnya, n my skin is actually kuning langsat abit tan
    so wats the best color for my hair?
    thx b4

    1. Amanda – Honestly I dont know the number for the hair color, but try going to Irwan Team salon, they have really good colorists who will help you

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