My First Beauty Workshop

MyTipsCantik, Yves Saint Laurent & Glow Living Beauty Proudly Presents…

I was so excited when Glow Living Beauty team approached me and asked to collaborate with them to make a beauty workshop, I was like…. Wow it’s like a dream come true to be able to share makeup LIVE with my followers. On top of that amazing news, all of the makeup were provided by Yves Saint Laurent, I mean… Can it be better than this?

So after mini polls on Twitter asking on what makeup look that we’re going to do for the beauty workshop, you guys answered “Night Makeup” the most. The new year is coming and there will be a lot of holiday parties so this look is perfect!

The workshop was held on the 28th of November at Canteen Plaza Indonesia… From 3-6 PM, with the help of YSL’s makeup artist Ida Farida, I was giving a LIVE step by step tutorial on our gorgeous model Shella Hardianto to achieve a glamorous night makeup look!

See the difference between the right & left eye? To transform the look from day to night, simply smoke it out by adding eyeliner to the lower lashline!

I give the LIVE tutorial as Mba Ida from YSL demonstrates it on Shella

More photos from the beauty workshop…

Thankyou JOY Magazine & Glow Living Beauty

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