365 days of beauty…

I was supposed to do this post last month on the 9th of April because on that day MyTipsCantik have served your timelines with beauty tips and info for 365 days! Yes because of your amazing support MTC succeed and hopefully continue to be your number one source for all things beauty! Thank youuuuu…. Nuhuuunn pisan kalo bahasa Inggrisnya hehehe…. Read more to see what have happened in the past year!

If i can describe MTC’s journey, it would be… UNEXPECTED…. I created the Twitter account on a rainy night, I couldn’t sleep and I think… I received so many questions on how to do my makeup and stuff like that, why not tweet and share it! So I played around on Adobe Photoshop and started creating MTC’s first logo for the Twitter account… The white flowers represents jasmine flowers, it’s a symbol of beauty and one of Indonesia’s trademarks, why so pink? well it’s my favorite color and I just think it’s the color that represents women!

So as the first days goes by, some of my friends helped out to spread the existence of MTC.. I informed my group of girls and tweeted on my personal twitter account and surprisingly the response was tremendous! By the first month, one of the most sought after quotes account in Twitter @ihatequotes which have hundreds of thousands followers ReTweeted one of my tweets and I had thousands of new followers in a day and things were just going great from then…. Such an amazing journey.. I couldn’t stop being thankful, because to be able to share is such a blessing!

As the community grows larger and demands of in depth beauty discussions were exploding, with the help of my graphic designer brother I decide to expand it into a website which launched on Indonesia’s 65th birthday because it’s a gift for my country! I also started to film some makeup tutorials which I upload it to MTC’s YouTube channel and discuss the makeup details on the website….. My first tutorial was “Bronzer 101

Tutorials after tutorials, then offers were starting to come… Numerous products have asked me to do a review, I had some magazine appearances, my articles and makeup works were featured in some of the most high end magazines in Indonesia! Alhamdulilah… 🙂

Products Reviews

Zap Coid,Permanent Hair Removal System with IPL

With owners Fadly & Ian

Zap Belleza Outlet Grand Opening

L’Oreal Elseve

Makeup Forever HD Series Un-Retouched Ad Campaign

MAC Wonder Woman Collection

Magazine  & Other Editorial Features

Makeup for Jian Mason in Dew Online Magazine, Photography by Hakim Satriyo

Dewi Anniversary Issue

Dewi March Edition Beauty Article “Kosmetika Plus”

Spring/Summer Trends for FIMELA.com


Color Block

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE BIRTHDAY WISHES & SUPPORT! Here are some of my beloved friends

Actress, Velove Vexia Kaligis

Gadis Sampul 2003, Nadia Saphira

Putri Indonesia, Zivanna Letisha

Singer, Raisa

Shoe Designer, Zhey Yamada

Writer of “Little Pink Book”, Fitria Yusuf

Online Magazine, FIMELA.com

I want to say special thank you to my lovely family for always believing in me especially my mom.. my dad..they’re the chargers of my life and also my best friends (you know who you are :))… This is only the beginning….! I hope I can continue to share!


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  1. I’m so proud of u my niece…. It’s so AHA because the women in our family can say mascara even before they can say MOM hahahahahahaha… Keep it up.. Love you!

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