Mi’s Top 5 Mascaras!


If I was stranded on a deserted island and I could only bring one item of makeup it would definitely be.. MASCARA (thankyou Eugene Rimmel for inventing it) ! I just think that mascara is so versatile, other than making your eyelashes looks absolutely pretty, you can double it up as an eyeliner AND eyebrow definer so you know, in case I meet a hot beach boy on that deserted island, I’ll be so ready! Hahaha…:D

In this post, I will talk about my Top 5 favorite mascara I’ll start off the list with no.5 and climb up the countdown to no. 1, my all time favorite! On my list, there are no other colors than black and you will find most of the mascara is waterproof because I live in a hot and humid country, runny mascara is not my thing! So here we go…

 5. Anna Sui Volumizing The thin rounded wand makes it easy to reach narrow areas like the inside corners, and I usually wiggle it at the roots to lift up every single lash and gives it a very doll eyed effect. It is not waterproof yet it doesn’t smudge or run, even in the hot weather. Oh and the plus point? It smells soooo good!

4. Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Feline Blacks  – Don’t you just love the packaging? Oh dear, it’s just unbelievably glamorous! Other than the glamorous packaging, the result is also glamorous giving my eyes the ultimate length and volume! Even though it’s waterproof, it’s not hard to remove and I love how it does not clump at all no matter how many layers I put on. Helena Rubinstein is known for her luxurious (and pricey) mascaras, I’ve tried several of them but I gotta say that this one deserves a gold medal! Rawr!

3. Benefit Bad Gal Lash Waterproof  – When Bad Gal Lash came out, it created a huge hype, I tried it on and I was like “umm, I don’t like this” because the brush was big for my small eyes, so when Bad Gal Lash waterproof came out with a slimmer brush, I was like OMG, I am in LOVE. It makes my lashes so curled and volumized and I could go swimming and my lashes still look absolutely amazing.

2. Borjouis Volume Clubbing Waterproof I’m not a fan of big mascara brushes because I have small eyes and it can be tricky to apply ‘em! Yet this one is an exception, the brush is big yet it is flat in the middle so it doesn’t look and feel as thick, you have better control over it. You kinda have to roll it when applying (still a bit tricky but with practice the result is amazing) it makes my eyelashes so volumized! Just like the name, it is perfect for a night out when u need an extra oomph for your eyelashes

1. Maybelline Volum Express – The one thing that has always been in my makeup kit is this baby right here. I’ve been a fan since… forever! The curved brush really gives my lashes the most amazing volume and curl. I use mascara on a daily basis and it’s almost like a staple for me and this mascara’s price is so pocket friendly, it doesn’t make me cringe whenever I have to buy a new tube!

What’s your favorite mascara?? :-d

7 thoughts on “Mi’s Top 5 Mascaras!

  1. Which one is better between Maybelline Magnum/The Collosal and Volum’ Express? Trs kan volum’ express ada 2, yg tubenya pjg langsing dan pendek gemuk, bedanya apa kak harumi? Terimakasih

    1. @ Bungsky – I love all Maybelline mascaras, they r vry affordable. Yang tubenya panjang langsing itu yang cat eyes, bentuk brushnya kaya sisir, bagus juga tapi pemakaianya harus cepet supaya gak ngeggumpal

  2. Mbak harumi klo maskara Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Feline Blacks, beli nya dimana ?? Trus harganya berpa?? Tengkyuuu 😉

    1. @Intan – Hi, aku beli di pesawat waktu aku lagi travelling, di Jakarta HR nggak ada, try online shopping atau titip temen yang ke luar negeri

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