PIXY Bright Fix BB Cream might be your new beauty BFF

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I received the latest product from PIXY just when I thought I was over with the BB cream hype… As much as I want to get over this beauty staple and move on to the next alphabet list (read: CC or DD cream) I voluntarily continue using BB cream because for my oily & acne prone complexion this type of skincare infused makeup gives me the best “natural” coverage.

Other than the super cute (pink) packaging, what caught my attention from PIXY BB Cream Bright Fix is the smart lock powder formula which means it has natural matte finish as if you put powder on top and lasts for up to 12 hours. It sounds perfect for me who’s always on the go and wants something easy to apply without using too much tools or steps. If you’re like me you should read more to see why I say that this product might just be your new beauty BFF.
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This is why VOLUXE Hair will change your life forever

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They say the bigger the hair the more secrets it holds but hey you know what I aint keeping any hair secrets from you ladies because I am more than happy to share my hairclip extension line VOLUXE hair. Unlike a bad relationship my hairclip extension line requires NO commitment meaning you can clip it on and off any time you want. I design each length, volume and hand picked the 7 different shades myself so your possibilities of fabulous hair is endless. I remember when I first started this the choices were only 2 shades now we have 7 shades to choose from!


 You can purchase your VOLUXE through our IG page: 


Or at www.shoppingmagz.com (available soon)

Wanna try the VOLUXE experiene LIVE? Visit our Pop Up booth at upcoming bazaars:

31-2nd November: WTF Market Grand Indonesia
6-9 November: SWAG Escape Grand Indonesia
30 November: SMASH Lab Empirica SCBD
5-7 December: PIK

Luxurious volume only a clip away…


Dental Whitening at Jakarta Smile

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Pastinya pernah denger kan quote “laughter is the best medicine” and I agree with that 100% especially a laugh that shows pearly white teeth! I just think it’s a plus point when someone has nice teeth and in this department I have to thank my mother who supported me to keep my braces on for 10 years, yes ladies 10 years. LOL. Hal ini membuat aku gak pernah takut untuk ke dokter gigi malah dulu pas masih pake braces selalu excited setiap mau ganti warna karet atau bersihin karang. Kebiasaan ini terbawa sampai sekarang aku udah copot braces aku sangat memerhatikan kesehatan dan juga kecantikan gigiku that’s why pas dapet tawaran untuk treatment dental whitening di Jakarta Smile cabang Plaza Semanggi aku nggak mikir 2x langsung deh bikin janji to get my Hollywood smile!

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First Impression Review: Benefit Big Easy

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Ini produk namanya panjang.. I mean it says a lot of things on the packaging until I realize it is only called Benefit Big Easy hahahaha… This is one of my new favorite products for traveling because I really don’t have to take a whole lot of face products and I hate overpacking!


As I mentioned in the video, kamu bisa dapetin produk ini di toko Benefit Cosmetics atau bagi yang diuar kota bisa melalui online shop trusted yang biasa aku belanja yaitu @dejoyofmakeup (check di IG)

*not a sponsored post


My One Day Stay at Sheraton Kuta

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I don’t remember when was the last time I set my foot in Kuta. I guess it was years and years ago when Waterbom, Go Kart and obviously, Pantai Kuta was my main interest. I remember that was like a little heaven for fat little Harumi, and my parents would insist to stay at other areas such as Sanur or Nusa Dua but I insisted to stay in Kuta. There was something so fun about staying there, I would get my hair braided by the beach and pretending to be skillful at boogie board each time I hit the waves. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about dear 90’s generation.


Many trips to Bali went by and I shifted from Kuta to explore other parts of Bali leaving my childhood habits behind. During those many trips to Bali I rarely go to Kuta because I remember there was a lot of construction going on and well I wanted to be less “touristy”. I roamed around Seminyak area for most of my trips favoring the party scenes. Up until two weeks ago I was invited to stay at Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort for my Beauty Talk event at Beachwalk and after many years of not setting my foot in Kuta, I was completely blown away with how well developed the area is!

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